Tea Coffee Vending Machine
WW-TT Code:- Double Option Tea Coffee Vending Machine
  • We use latest & very powerful micro contoller for almost Zero failure rate.
  • Excellent and innovative design of the machine enables technician to access any component within the machine in less then 2 minutes
  • All models have provision to dispense half cup of any beverage(except basic model)
  • 16x2 characters, bright and steady display
  • You can check numbers of cup disposed for each beverage
  • You can set temperature of beverage as per your need
  • Coin machine or smart card reader can be externally attached for control of consumption of beverage
  • You can digitally set Volume of water and grams of power to suit your taste
  • The machine has built-in overload and short circuit protection for maximum safety
Dimensions Weight
H x D x W
24" x 17" x 10"